How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil


How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil

Redraw from Photography

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a dog. I will demonstrate how to redraw a dog from a photography, or portrait. You do not need a lot of time in this lesson, all the steps I will try to explain as briefly as possible, and it does not mean that we will only draw the contour. Looking at photos of light, shade and structure, you can create a wonderful sketch.

How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil1

Splitting a photo blocks

When I draw a portrait of a dog, I first draw sketch lines to determine the center of the muzzle, draw a line between the ears and eyes and through the middle of the nose, making it certain. Please check the angle of the line to match the original photo. Then draw a horizontal line on the head, between eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Each breed of dog is different, and we need to very carefully draw these lines to convey the characteristics of the breed.

How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil2

Making a rough sketch of the dog’s head

Now we draw a light sketch of a dog’s head, I made a line in the figure is very thick, that would have been better to see, but you need to make them thinner. Note that the side lines of the muzzle to the dimensions of the head, to keep the proportions. Some lines in the figure indicate fur. Then, carefully outlin eyes, is also very important to maintain the ratio. Also make a sketch of nose and ears.
How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil3

Then add the details to muzzle

This is already more or less ready to form a sketch of dog. Note that there also have some information tags around the eyes and forehead, they point to small folds. Also draw an outline of where some of the characteristic stands wool. This will help us to remember the shape and not only the contours of the head. I drawing contours where it took a minute or two, but you may need more.

How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil4

Consider some of the details

Let’s take a moment and see what we’re going to do next. Let’s look at the fall of light. That we still have a rough sketch, now we’ll do the shading to indicate the shadows. I see that the light falls from the upper left corner, making the lower part a little darker. Also there is the shadow and under the ears. Now look where they should be small patches of light. Do not forget that the eyes should be flashing. Places where they should be should leave white paper. Also you will find reflections on the nose and on the dog’s coat.


To draw a dog, I used my drawing pad, it probably was not entirely successful. Right I made a very smooth contour, but it looks fine. A short wool we shade short lines, long with long lines. Also you can see how I shaded muzzle, giving it a volume form. On his chest, I shade the fur back a little to convey the kind that we have in the picture.

How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil5

Add more wool

I have a dog in the picture came out a little more fluffy than it actually is. See how I’m doing the shading near the label above the eyes, along the muzzle and ears. Dark fur, I always stroke toward white. Careful hatching accurate portrait of a dog would do more good. Nose dogs shade well, and then rub the eraser a bit make it smooth like a skin. I have erased the lines of the sketch, although some remained. I went a little inaccurate picture because I was in a hurry.

How to Draw a Dog Using Pencil6