How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil


With this easy lesson, you’ll learn, to draw a rabbit. Learning to draw animals, better to start with a real model or photos. I chose this picture to draw a rabbit, we will try to redraw. This is a good posture, it is convenient to learn from it, it would be a good idea for the Easter Bunny. Take the photo of the rabbit, now I will teach you how to redraw.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil

Take a blank sheet of paper now, we will redraw the rabbit.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil1

As you can see, we looked around the rabbit large and small circles. This is one of the most popular methods for preserving the proportions of the body and head. Large circles, we looked around the body of a rabbit and a little smaller circles my head. Now when I look at the rabbit, I see the simple ovals.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil2

These are the ovals should go with us on a clean sheet. In the front, draw a vertical line that’s in the center where the head should be oval. Continue to draw ovals at the top to the bottom, as shown in the figure while preserving the aspect ratio. The largest oval you should draw at an angle. It does not necessarily have to get perfect just try to do it like in the picture, try to draw it by free hand, if you do not go can use a layout, or something else. Draw so that the lines were very thin. I drew the line very dark so it was clearly seen in the figure.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil3

Then draw the ears, waist and other details by sure lines, this rabbit has big ears, they should draw a big enough. Carefully look at the photos and do not forget about ovals. To draw the feet you should begin from the visible side, and the first draw the hind leg then the other paw, well, waist and tail.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil4

Now erase the unnecessary lines of ovals, which we require for the final stage of drawing a rabbit. Next we’ll draw a rabbit’s eyes and muzzle. Do not forget 😀 that the eyes of rabbits are on opposite sides of the head, draw the eyes by half-ovals. To complete the picture left to draw a nose that looks like shape (Y), face and cheeks.

How to Draw a Rabbit Using Pencil5

Next to complete the picture, and that the rabbit looked soft and fluffy, you should gently blur the contour line, as on pictured above, that was visible hair. Look again at the photo looks like a fur cover. Use the long and short lines to pass effect it wool. If you want to give your rabbits ‘fur’, you can use a graphics program. Well, still draw a mustache and eyebrows long thin lines.