My Dear She-Bearians,



As many of you know, this February I am closing up shop at 650 Congress Street so I can devote more time to my new baby boy. My deepest gratitude to all of you who have stopped in over the past three years to enjoy the artwork at She-Bear Gallery. THANK YOU!



She-Bear products (cards, calendars, Tshirts) and Holly Meade prints are still available. Check back for updates as I transition these products to the web.



Jenny at She-Bear


 Oil Paintings by Ragna Bruno “I didn’t intend for there to be a figure…” Ragna Bruno said about her painting, Reader, “but I was painting and she revealed herself, and I liked the painting better with her in it.” As an avid reader myself, I recognize why the figure in this painting insisted on claiming a spot for herself. The atmosphere in Reader is cozy, beautiful, serene, and utterly nestled. A native of Madrid, Spain, Ragna has lived in Maine since 1977 and has shown in numerous galleries throughout New England. Her work has been featured in two issues of Maine Home + Design. I asked Ragna what she thinks about what she paints, and she said, “I don’t!” She concentrates on shapes and colors, arranging pieces of the painting next to one another, then stepping back to see what is happening, what the image’s narrative is, and to discover the “push and pull,” as she calls it, of the picture. “Painting is meditation for me,” she said. When I went to Ragna Bruno’s home to see her studio, there was something familiar about her aesthetic world. Perhaps it is because I’ve known her unique style for years, first discovering her paintings when I worked at the Leighton Gallery in Blue Hill. But there was something else I recognized. She stood in her driveway, looking chic in heeled black boots, her bright white bobbed hair accented by berry-colored lipstick. We had tea and cookies served on a silver tray. She offered me a lump of sugar from a delicate spoon. The elegant cups clinked on saucers. The atmosphere in her home is spacious and airy with bright pieces of art, paintings, masks, flowers, books, and woodwork arranged against cream-colored walls. What I recognized was not only the aesthetic of her work, but a familiar personality trait: Ragna is someone who seeks out and celebrates every potential visual charm of her environment. She seems to have concluded that the things we look at every day are important, nourishing, and enriching. I have been so excited for Ragna’s upcoming June show at She-Bear. I’m delighted to spend a month accompanied by her vast 4 X 4 foot oil-on-canvas paintings and her smaller 10 X 8 inch oil-on-board paintings. What will it be like to sit in my gallery with her serene color palettes and bold punches of color—with the poise and panache of her sophisticated compositions? I’m sure I will be happily nestled in amongst them, like the Reader, unwilling to leave. Reader
Yellow Abstraction 4 Sunset